Audubon Public School District

Welcome to the Ticketing and Support Website

The ticketing and support website (Mojo Helpdesk) is one of the main services provided by the Audubon School District Technology Department. If you are experiencing any problems or issues with computers, projectors, Chromebooks, or even online software, please submit a ticket by clicking on Submit a New Ticket below, and we will be happy to assist. Please see below for information on what ticket form to submit for your particular issue.


NOTICE: If you would like your personal device on the wireless network, please fill out a Wireless Request Form

Ticket Forms

When you click on Submit a New Ticket or + new ticket, you will be asked to select a form that corresponds to your problem. Descriptions of the forms are shown below:


Online Service Ticket: For any problems with online programs such as Genesis, SchoolFi, OnCourse, Pearson, IXL, McGraw Hill, etc.

Telephone Ticket: Any school telephone, fax, or voicemail problems.

Website Filtering Ticket: For any websites that need to be blocked/unblocked for students/faculty and staff.

General Ticket: Any general problems. Select this item if the options above do not correspond to your problem.